Conversations Across Space

We understand what a conversation is, how it can be conducted. We value good quality conversations that are respectful, in which each party deepens their learning and understanding. Yet we have little idea how to conduct such conversations across space.

Our aim here is to create a new form of slow thoughtful conversation. One which works with our new decentralised tools, and our understanding of how humans converse well in physical space. We are not interested here in repeating or duplicating old tools - forums, bulletin boards, video conferencing, blogging, email.

We want instead to build on new forms of writing together, and empower older forms of quality small group conversation. We do this across space.

We undertake to abide by a set of Conversation Principles that are designed to facilitate a sustainable growth of depth in the forms of communication we are able to easily participate in as members of hman race anywhere on the planet.

If the world wide web enabled free and unfettered gossip, that is the spread of information at near zero transaction cost across the planet, then we would like to do the same for Constructive Dialogue.

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