Functional Specification

Literate wiki will enable wiki pages to be dropped onto a properly configured desktop environment (or another web site), in order to create an application. In addition this same application will be able to read and run a wiki page.

# Overview Literate wiki is an online wiki consisting of pages that can be read and run by separate applications implementing new interfaces and running code specified by the wiki page:

A wiki page is constructed with sections designated as code sections. We will look to use normal href links marked up with a specific data attribute to indicate code hosted on a remote site (such as Github).

# Examples

This is like the table of contents for your spec. It might be a simple flowchart, or it might be an extensive architectural discussion. Everybody will read this to get the big picture, then the details will make more sense.

Between April and July 2019 we aim to bootstrap this project through creating a single minimal, containerised server that provides minimal viable governance for cooperatives and not-for-profit groups.

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