Language of Power

Why should me make a new form of literate programming language? Why is it important that software should be legible? Why should everyone learn to code? The short answer is that coding is fast becoming the global __language of power__.

All our important social, business, and governance structures are rapidly moving into a new form of software, software that we term here

The importance of this calling comes from the social shift in the importance of software in the running (governance) of our businesses, our financial systems, and soon our legal and political systems.

We have an opportunity to ensure that the next generation of professionals that are intimately involved in structuring the centres of power in society (law, finance, accountancy, political and business management and governance) have a culture that is open to talent, and motivated by meaningful goals.

One tool we can use to our benefit in this regard is to open source the language that these professions use. The language of law, and finance can literally be open-sourced.

For this to be meaningful in a social sense, this language must be democratised and by this we mean made literate. Just as the bible was translated from Latin to English and then other languages, we can and should make the language of power accessible to all.

It is not enough to rely on an elite to create the code that runs our society - we all need to be able to read it, write it and help improve the design. A literate and performative code is the fabric on top of which a modern society is able to realise itself.

It is important to note that here we mean much more than "use open-source code", or that it is a sensible and pragmatic thing for a computer language to be open-source. We refer rather to a particular class of language that we call performative. The language of power is much more than a description. Python is a descriptive language, not a performative one.

Literate wiki is performative: - It is provable - It is signed - It is legal

With these elements we can build many structures, and as we slowly begin to construct the language, we are required to build in appropriate governance mechanisms into the language design itself. Extreme literate programming is not simply an agile design methodology, it is a legal practice.

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