Self Programming Wiki

A specialized Wiki With Programmable Content, in which the actual source code of the Wiki Engine is editable through the wiki. Same idea as expressed on the page Soft Wiki -

There is a Perl implementation at

Right now it is running off a personal computer, but perhaps it will move to sourceforge, a more reliable server.

I am thinking of changing the name of my system from Self Programming Wiki to either Community Programmed Wiki or Reprogrammable Wiki.

Advice? Which one of the choices is clearest? Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Bayle Shanks

That there seems to be a 4 day veto period before changes take effect is a bit de-motivating for adding anything. Couldn't there be another interpretive layer that allows programs to be uploaded and run right away? These 2nd layer programs would not affect the functioning of the wiki but just allow users to add and use each others objects. They would be restricted for security as far as possible but would allow some uploadable dynamic content. Perhaps this 2nd language could be scheme or prolog see also Reflective Wiki

Do you know the pages Programming In Wiki and Wiki Ide?

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