Here we redefine the meaning of __tangling__ to mean the first stage of writing literate code in wiki.

# Repurpose

This interpretation does not resonate with me. So allow me some leeway while I explore how we could use this phrase: > When we tangle we write in wiki. In particular we write `code` in wiki. It is a messy wiki-like operation that starts with a functional specification, gradually tangling in tests, and pieces of code into the fabric of the page until we have something we can weave.

# Original meaning

The original meaning of __tangling__ as described by Donal Knuth for Literate Programming is: > __Tangling__ is the generation of machine executable code from a literate source.

We are going to abandon this use in favour of something more "tangled" and messy. The generation of machine executable code is instead untangling.

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